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German Clock Museum - Antik Uhrenbörse

German Clock Museum

More than watches – a portrait


Open daily

With about 60,000 visitors a year, the German Clock Museum is one of the tourist attractions in the Black Forest. But the museum is not only an impressive collection of old black forest wood and cuckoo clocks, but brushed his unfussy presentation the Black Forest cliché hard against the grain.

The exhibition offers an encyclopedic overview of the history of the time, from sundials to atomic watches, with particular focus on craft and industrial clock making in the Black Forest. But the quartz and atomic clocks or Coordinated Universal Time devoted a separate area in the museum, such as are found in any other museum.

1001 tours 365 days a year

The personal leadership, also in French or English, is the strongest pillar of mediation in the German Clock Museum. A good third of the visitors joins a tour, this specifically means that each year nearly 1,000 tours are booked.
A classic for students is the “Holiday Clock factory”, in which children can build yourself and make a watch. For school classes the museum offers thematic workshops in modules, which are partially adjusted to match the curriculum.

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